May 19, 2020|Blog, Covid-19, fabric art, isolation, new mediums, photography, spring

Enough staring at the television and computer mail, games, etc…  My brain is atrophying and my butt is growing bigger…ugh!.


So, I’m spending some of my time at the Quabbin Reservoir, not far from my house.  I can walk to “my beach” at the end of my road, or drive in the main entrance a few miles around the corner and down the road. If you look at a map of Massachusetts, the Quabbin is the large body of water in about the middle of the state, where there used to be four farm towns.  That history lesson can wait for some other time.  What is outstanding about the Quabbin is its natural beauty, the views and wild life.

 I have been going out and trying to shoot different scenes from those I’ve done before and process them a little differently than my signature extra sharp and real style.  The photo above is one of the altered scenes I took recently.  

The other project I have been working on is a fabric art collage.  It is not quite ready for viewing and I have not decided whether I should sew the fabric to the backing or glue it in place.

Today’s creativity went into planting my garden.  I have had many packets of many types of seeds which I didn’t use when I bought them and were all in various states of expiration.  Anything earlier than 2013 was tossed and all the rest were planted.  My big experiment.

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