I have been self-isolating since March 7, with five exceptions. That was a week before Massachusetts was instructed to close all but essential businesses and stay home. Two of my five exceptions were in that first week. I have a compromised immune system and lung issues.

So I have done the usual things everyone else has, watched tv, worked and played on the computer, eaten too much, vaguely exercised, thrown the ball for the dog and been oh, so, appreciative of my significant other for so many reasons. Being totally alone would make this much harder for me.

So how have I nourished my photography side, my vaguely artsy side? I finally processed some of my early February photos and have even included some on my portfolio page because they are relaxing. The Hollywood, FL beach was pretty empty at the time even though this was B.C. (before COVID). Some of the shots remind me of Miami Vice.

I made a mask for the big rock, eyes, and beard of daffodils to amuse myself.

I tried senior hour shopping. Too early.

The fifth exception to self-isolation was April 18, a beautiful spring day. I wanted to see what the towns near me looked like more than a month after they shut down. I went to Amherst and Northampton, MA, and took pictures. That story is also on my portfolio page. Perhaps later, I will add a less journalistic type of work.

And now I am working on a fabric art piece…a first for me, but once I sewed my mask, I thought I might follow another idea. Perhaps it will appear on my FB page ( where many other photos are displayed.

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